Yonge North York: A Bubble Tea Lover’s Destination

How’s it going, Yonge North York?

Last time we connected, Mother’s Day was just around the corner. Now, as summer approaches, our district is buzzing with exciting events, perfectly timed for the longer days ahead.

I would be remiss if I didn’t blog about the one drink that brings our community together: bubble tea. With dozens of bubble tea shops in our Business Improvement Area, we enjoy it like it’s nobody’s business. Whether I’m grabbing a refreshing drink for a long walk or sitting down to connect with a friend, bubble tea is one of my go-to’s. The variety of colours, flavours, and textures offers endless customization, revealing a lot about a person’s unique taste.

I had the chance to ask some neighbours about their favourite bubble tea spots. I explored different menu items, chatted with employees, and discovered a new place. I want to take you on a bubble tea journey and hopefully, it’ll inspire your next order.

First Stop: The Alley
The Alley is a charming counter-service bubble tea shop featuring fun merchandise and a few barstools if you need a break. My first-ever experience with bubble tea was here when I tried their Classic Milk Tea right when they opened. It was cool, delicious, and creamy—an unforgettable treat. This time, I asked the staff for an underrated menu item they think more people should try, and they recommended the Lime Honey with Aloe. It’s bursting with citrus flavour, perfect for a hot and humid day, and it’s milk-free, making it a great choice for our lactose-free friends.

Second Stop: Mr. Sun
A few neighbours mentioned this hidden gem, and they weren’t kidding—it’s truly off the beaten path and easy to miss if you’re not looking for it! The manager, Xi, kindly explained the variety of flavours and proudly shared that they make the tapioca in-house. I asked for his recommendation, and he suggested the Rainbow Tapioca Milk Tea. I could see why! The milk tea was light with a subtle flavour, and the tapioca balls were chewy with a fruity aftertaste. I also loved the fact that they had ample seating, making it a great social space.

Last Stop: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Canada
One of my favourite spots during the pandemic was Coco. I loved taking long walks, stopping by Coco to order a drink, and then sitting in Hendon Park to enjoy it. Has there ever been a time when it’s not busy? I have yet to see it. I think that speaks volumes about the product and service Coco provides. After not visiting for what felt like forever, I noticed a special promotion when I walked in.

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a Barbie bubble tea! The Strawberry Dreamer is made with delicious strawberry milk tea, coconut jelly, and popping pearls—which were my favourite—topped with whipped cream and strawberry sprinkles. As a bonus, I got some super cute collectible stickers! The promotion just started and will last until supplies run out.

All in all, I hope this blog inspires you to get out and enjoy some of the different bubble tea establishments we have in Yonge North York! Maybe next time, you’ll say, “I’ll meet you for a bubble tea!” For a complete list, see our website’s Food & Drink directory page.

For more information:  

The Alley | 5431 Yonge St | the-alley.ca/

Mr. Sun | 5460 Yonge St | mrsuntea.net/

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Canada | 17B Finch Ave W | cocofreshtea.ca

Don’t forget this weekend’s Yonge North York Night Market In Partnership with Luminato Festival Toronto, sponsored by Food Network Canada! Enjoy and experience cultural foods, stage performances, and take a selfie with Conrad the 3-metre high art installation. 

From June 7th to June 9th at Mel Lastman Square. FREE Admission.

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Yonge North York: A Bubble Tea Lover’s Destination


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