A Pet Owner’s Guide to Yonge North York

A man and woman in front of pet products at the pet store
Christopher Scalzi, Owner of Bone and Biscuit Yonge Sheppard, standing alongside Sales Associate, Sunju Kim

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and today is the perfect day to take Rover out for a walk. Yonge North York is a wonderful area for pet enthusiasts, with plenty of green spaces and numerous pet-friendly businesses. It’s common to meet fellow pet owners along your walks, exchanging friendly greetings and sharing helpful tips. After reading my blog, I hope you’ll discover new information about some of the BIA’s specialty pet spots to share.


MokaPetStudio is the perfect little pet boutique with ample supplies and accessories for both cats and dogs. It’s a beautiful and organized space offering a wide range of high-end options for pet food and products, including unique items from Korea. While many businesses tend to focus on dogs, MokaPetStudio ensures that cat owners have plenty of great choices as well.

Image of stocked shelves at MokaPet Studio
The shelves are stocked and ready for your cats and dogs at MokaPetStudio

Yonge Church Animal Clinic

A longstanding Willowdale institution and family business, Yonge Church Animal Clinic has been caring for cats and dogs for over 15 years. The clinic’s long history speaks volumes about the trust and loyalty it has earned from pet owners. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including medical care, vaccinations, grooming, and boarding, it’s essentially a one-stop shop for all your pet’s healthcare needs.

Doctor Ramzy and his wife and clinic manager, Medleine holding Lilah the patient at Yonge Church Animal Clinic.
Dr. Ramzy and his wife, Clinic Manager, Madleine, have been a staple of the area for years, pictured here with clinic patient Lila

Puppy Chappy Pet Grooming Shop

Located on Northtown Way, Puppy Chappy Pet Grooming Shop is a cozy boutique where your furry friends are in great hands. They offer various specials for both cats and dogs, providing services such as teeth brushing, nail clipping, and full grooming for pets of all sizes. If you’re finding it difficult to groom your pet yourself, trust the professionals at Puppy Chappy to do an excellent job.

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard

One of my go-to spots in Yonge North York is Bone and Biscuit. Their friendly staff and top-tier products make shopping there a breeze. They offer healthy options from various brands, along with a ton of toys and specialty products that you can’t find just anywhere else. I’ve personally bought dehydrated anchovies, glucosamine powder, and sushi-shaped cat toys for my pets. Shout out to Christopher, the owner, and the staff who always go above and beyond for their customers.

Go exploring with your furry friends

Yonge North York is truly a pet owner’s paradise, offering everything from scenic walks to top-notch pet care services. Whether you’re shopping for premium pet products at MokaPetStudio, ensuring your pet’s health at Yonge Church Animal Clinic, treating them to a professional grooming session at Puppy Chappy Pet Grooming Shop, or exploring the selection of healthy options and specialty products at Bone and Biscuit, the businesses within the Yonge North York BIA conveniently offer what you need with great customer service.

So, leash up Rover, grab your feline friend, and explore all the wonderful pet-friendly gems in the Yonge North York BIA—after all, your furry friends deserve to be spoiled too!

For more information:  

MokaPetStudio | 5496 Yonge St

Yonge Church Animal Clinic |19 Church Ave | cyanimalclinic.com

Puppy Chappy Pet Grooming Shop | 15 Northtown Way, Unit 26-27 | puppychappy.com

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard | 4841 Yonge St Unit 119A | boneandbiscuit.ca

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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Yonge North York


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